Sweet Mercy (New Release)

Nashville & New Releases

We finally did it!  We made the move to Nashville...well technically Nunnelly, TN but ya'll know I hate the city life!  We are less than an hour from Nashville and in the heart of the Singer/Songwriter scene around Nashville.  The last few weeks have been spent getting our "Tiny Cabin" ready and we will start getting out and playing more in the next couple of months.  

We finally released our first project as a couple, entitled Fall!  Fall is our first Gospel album and we are excited about being able to share our faith in Jesus with ya'll.  We also released a Rock/Christian Rock Album, that was recorded in Nashville a couple of years ago, entitled Leaving Normal.  It is a collection of songs written about the real-life struggle to have faith when our world comes crashing down around us.  There are also a couple of "love" songs on the album.

We believe that music is a gift from God and we would like to offer both Fall and Leaving Normal as a gift to all of our friends and family!  If you go to the audio player at the bottom of the page you can download both albums.  All we ask is that you pass these songs on to those who may need to be encouraged by the message and meaning behind them.  We love each of you and hope to see you soon.

In His Love,

Arvie and Bunny

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